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Welcome to DUI.tv, your resource for a wealth of topics related to successful DUI defense. This website features informative audio and video documentaries by William C. Head, one of the most widely respected DUI defense attorneys in the nation. Mr. Head is author of The DUI Book, a groundbreaking publication widely referenced by top DUI attorneys and other readers across the country.

Mr. Head uses his 38 years of court experience to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients. This premium consulting service includes Mr. Head sitting as a second chair in any DUI case – providing the benefits of his years of experience and unique knowledge. In addition, Mr. Head has assembled the finest defense team possible, including certified toxicology experts specializing in case testimony for impaired driving charges.

Mr. Head launched his legal career after receiving his Juris Doctorate from The University of Georgia School of Law in 1976. He is a member of both the Georgia and South Carolina Bar Associations. Mr. Head has made a hallmark of active participation within the legal community. He has the unique distinction of being chosen National DUI Lawyer of the Year by NCDD.com conducted at the Harvard University School of Law.

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Mr. Head pioneered a series of workshops with Georgia's ICLE (a non-profit group based out of Athens). The programs were designed for DUI defense attorneys, and called the “Defense of Drinking Drivers Institute” before such workshops were in vogue. Since his beginnings as a young trial attorney, Mr. Head has continued his passion for DUI defense study and training. He believes that every client is entitled to the best defense possible – and he uses every personal resource in his power toward that means.

Harvard University School of Law hosted a three-day training session organized by Mr. Head in the mid 1990’s. Shortly thereafter, he developed an aggressive educational effort called a “DUI Bootcamp” for the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. This workshop was designed to assist public defenders and appointed counsel in honing trial skills to defend clients accused of impaired driving. It is now open to all DUI attorneys who dedicate their practices to DUI defense. Mr. Head continued his involvement from the time of initial seminars, again serving as chair of the boot camp in 2007. The most recent GACDL Bootcamp for DUI attorneys was held in March of 2014.

A portion of Mr. Head’s vast success comes from his unique and in-depth study of law enforcement methods. Mr. Head completed a course on the “Intoxilyzer 5000” – a device used by law enforcement personnel to test suspects – and he has sponsored training for other attorneys to better understand the breath testing device. Why would a respected attorney take valuable time to personally study law enforcement training, specifically the mechanics and operation of a breathalyzer?

Is it because he hopes to gain a career where he sits in a patrol car, waiting to pull an unsuspecting driver over? No – it’s because in intensive training, Intoxilyzer experts expose the weaknesses of the devices and the various operator techniques that may lead to false readings. If a law enforcement official administers a test in such a manner to create a false reading, wouldn’t it be nice to have an attorney who understands exactly what occurred?

Mr. Head is Board Certified in DUI Defense and owns an Intoxilyzer 5000EN. He uses this machine to perform independent research in preparation for upcoming client cases. Mr. Head also sponsors training on NHTSA Field Sobriety Tests. In these courses, the defense attorneys are given the same “basic training” instructions as everyday police officers. Mr. Head is a certified NHTSA field sobriety instructor.

Mr. Head has received wide accolades peers over the years – and has been counted on to blaze a path for better defenses. He was one of twelve founding Regents of the National College for DUI Defense in 1995. After serving an original three year tenure he later agreed to an additional tenure from 2000 to 2003. What has this group accomplished? Under the collective efforts of the group, the National College for DUI Defense is considered the top training institution for DUI attorneys nationwide.

Mr. Head has truly been honored with more awards than there is room to recite. Notable examples of awards are: Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America, National Who’s Who Registry, Who’s Who in American Law, and Who’s Who in the World.

Mr. Head is author of six books on DUI law, as well as contributing chapters to other books on DUI-related issues. Books include: The Georgia DUI Defense Trial Practice Manual, 101 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction, and The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual. As mentioned previously, he authored The DUI Book, a guide for individuals charged with driving under the influence. This book has proven so popular that Mr. Head was requested to co-author state-specific editions.

In March 2001, Atlanta Magazine featured Mr. Head in their cover story, proclaiming him “ Atlanta’s Best DUI Lawyer.” Mr. Head has been named one of Georgia’s Super Lawyers for the past four years. Mr. Head is founder of William C. Head, P.C., a top-rated firm in the Atlanta area. The firm was rated “AV,” the highest rating possible, by Martindale-Hubbell.

Rated AV

In 1999, Mr. Head was instrumental in starting www.DrunkDrivingDefense.com, an internet directory of the top DUI/DWI defense lawyers across the nation. Now, all cases from that site are being handled by TEAMDUI.com. Call 844-TEAMDUI [844-832-6384] to find a top-rated DUI lawyer.

Mr. Head has also represented high profile athletes and entertainers, as well as public officials in the courtroom. When the national media seeks an expert opinion on DUI defense law, they contact Mr. Head to offer commentary. He regularly appears on network television stations and a variety of media outlets, including the New York Times, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and other media sources.

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William C. Head interviewed by national television.

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Super Lawyers Seriously Outstanding Award

The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual, 2013 Edition. By William C. Head, Frank T. Gomez

The DUI Book

Author: The DUI Book
The Citizen's Guide to a DUI charge.

The DUI Book

Co-author (with Reese I. Joye, Jr.) of 101 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction, published by Maximar Publishing Company, Inc. of Atlanta, GA. Copyright 1991.

DUI Books
The DUI Book, written by William Head, has co-authored versions written by: Michigan: Patrick Barone
Florida: Michael Kessler
Washington State: Linda Callahan
California: Kristen Campbell

Mr. Head and Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones is the world’s leading authority on alcohol testing and research.
Mr. Head and Dr. Jones.
Dr. Jones is the world’s leading authority on alcohol testing and research.
Mr. Head with Tom Mesereau, the legendary California trial attorney
Mr. Head with Tom Mesereau, the legendary California trial attorney
Cross-examination guru Larry Pozner and Mr. Head
Cross-examination guru Larry Pozner and Mr. Head
CNN Legal Analyst Lisa Bloom and William C. Head at legal conference in Atlanta, GA
CNN Legal Analyst Lisa Bloom and William C. Head at legal conference in Atlanta, GA.
Mr. Head featured on Scarborough Country
Mr. Head featured on Scarborough Country
Mr. Head featured on MSNBC
Mr. Head on Channel 5 News Atlanta
DUI Defense Attorney William Head
Atlanta DUI Lawyer William Head
William C. Head Defending Clayton County Cop Charged with Driving Under the Influence
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